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Admit it, you have a problem. The first step to overcoming alcohol addiction is admitting you need help. Our experts discuss real issues and advise you on the topics of drug rehabilitation, treatment and get you on the road to a smooth recovery. We can help bring you to a healthy improvement here at Alcohol Addiction Inc, The Recovery Helpline. Talk to a counselor today!

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Family Therapy Options

Finding out where your family fits into the healing process is one of the most important aspects of recovery. We realize that this disease affects not only the addict, but all of your loved ones. Through a diverse number of therapeutic approaches we help everyone heal.

Enabling You to Breathe Again

At Alcohol Addiction Inc we know that for years it may have seemed like youve been holding your breath, waiting for that moment to feel alive again, through our program your hope can be established and you can breathe easy!

Couples Recovery Program

One of the hardest hit relationships that are altered by addiction is the one you share with your spouse. Oftentimes because this is the person you are closest to they suffer to an unexplainable depth. Our rehab programs are designed to address the issues between couples with the hope of restoring relationships.

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